Account Maintain all your accounts including income, expense, assets, liability, bank accounts etc. You can also maintain chart of accounts in hierarchical fashion and add sub-accounts to existing accounts. Make different types of voucher entries with debit, credit amount matching. Allow recording miscellaneous transactions entries that have not been recorded thru customer or vendor transactions. Set financial year parameters, configure account settings, generate auto-numbering for invoices, journal entries, purchase orders etc.


Purchase Streamline the procure-to-pay process and automate key transactions. Efficiently monitors the flow of goods and services in your organization and track all supplier activities. It ensures smooth supply chain function for enhanced productivity. it allows you to quickly create cash purchase receipts for your vendors, purchase order, invoice tracking, generate debit notes for refund processing by reducing payable. It records all payments made thru different types of instruments: cash, check, cards, mobile etc


Inventory Manage all your inventory related processes. Integration of inventory with product and store allows real time access to all inventory related details across all stores of your organization. Maintains a central repository of all details related to stock, products and items across chain of stores. Manage all stock operations such as inter-store stock transfer, stock receipt, stock issue, stock adjustment, inter-store stock transfer and detail information about the stock status and movement.


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